In your heart you know what you want to do – what causes inspire you most

now be sure to let the rest of us in on it!

Re-imagine your organization....

from the perspective of a new generation who grown up surrounded by sophisticated technology.

The competition...

they can copy your products and services but can never copy the way you relates to your customers.


Facilitating Connections. Crafting Reputation. Influencing Opinions.

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A diverse mix of people leads to richer discussions, better decisions and outcomes for everyone.

It is not about finding influencers with many followers, but to find those with relevance, resonance and reach.

Personal Positioning

Do you want to become a leader in your field of activity? We help you identify and own a marketing niche for an idea, brand, product, or service using various strategies including speaking engagement, publish a book and distribution of content. The goal is to create a unique impression in the audience mind so that they associate something specific and desirable with you or your brand that is distinct from rest. The key is to choose tactics that affect the public perception, thus positively influence in the eyes of your target audience.

Corporate Positioning

On a daily basis, organizations have to face strategic challenges such as identifying trends and new business opportunities, brand promotion, driving an innovative, client-oriented culture, talent management and leadership development. At JL Business & Marketing Consulting we help our clients to bring about that change, implementing programs for spreading knowledge, which are specially designed to achieve those goals.

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